Why do you need Resume Boot Camp?

Remote job hunting is a quest that requires you to be agile, swift and consistent in applying. Your most useful tool on this journey is your resume. There’s nothing more detrimental to your virtual career search than a resume that misrepresents you professionally. Solving this problem is a matter of learning to write resume(s) that pitch you as the ideal candidate for your ideal job. Resume Boot Camp is here to teach you these skills and provide you the resources you need to master your resume.


What is Resume Boot Camp?

Resume Boot Camp is an online course containing 24 EASY lessons that teach you to build a stellar resume tailored for the Virtual Job Market.

All lessons are presented in audio format and cover topics like:

  • Resume Real Estate, Format and Content
  • Targeted Resumes, Keywords and Quantifying Experience
  • Sculpting Work Experience to achieve your goal job, not your old job
  • Federal Resumes
  • Secret weapons to standing out


Subscriber resources include:

Resume Boot Camp subscribers are provided resources from the course creators at VirtForce that support and guide them through audio training of episodes #47- #60 of the VirtForce Podcast.

  • 5 Secret Boot Camp Only Tips
  • 10 Education Description Examples
  • 150+ Hard and Soft Skills
  • 30+ Tools to Overcome Lack of Experience
  • 60+ Action Verbs and Sentence Starters
  • 15+ Cover Letter Sentence Starters
  • 4 Cover Letter Templates and Examples
  • 16 Resume Templates and Examples

Subscribers also have exclusive access to our private online community where they can participate in live weekly trainings with VirtForce staff, resume critiques and network with other Virtual Job Seekers.

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